Mini Sessions, Seniors

Montanah+ College Graduate

I met Montanah in Lubbock on one of the windiest weekends in Texas this last spring. BUT the winds settled down just in time for our session and picked right back up as we were finishing our shoot so it turned out to be perfect! She is graduating from Texas Tech (go Red Raiders!) with a teaching degree and got her first job the day before our shoot! So a huge congratulations deserved not only for graduating, but pursuing her dream and setting her future before she even graduated! She is absolutely stunning and was so fun to work with! Here’s a few photos from our session!

2014-05-29_0001 2014-05-29_0002 2014-05-29_0003 2014-05-29_0004 2014-05-29_0005 2014-05-29_0006 2014-05-29_0007 2014-05-29_0008 2014-05-29_0009 2014-05-29_0010 2014-05-29_0011 2014-05-29_0012 2014-05-29_0013 2014-05-29_0014 2014-05-29_0015 2014-05-29_0016 2014-05-29_0017 2014-05-29_0018 2014-05-29_0019 2014-05-29_0020 2014-05-29_0021 2014-05-29_0022 2014-05-29_0023 2014-05-29_0024 2014-05-29_0025 2014-05-29_0026 2014-05-29_0027


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