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Luke + Senior

Remember that one time my brother in law got a risky haircut for his senior pictures that nobody knew what to think about at first because it made him look SO GROWN UP and then we all got over it and loved it?! Yeah. This was it.

This handsome guy is my crazy fun brother in law, who Emmett adores and Trae is slightly shorter than. 😉 He is crazy talented and loves Jesus (just like his brother). I am the ONLY one in their whole family that does not have one ounce of athletic ability. But that’s another story…about how all I had to bring to the table when we got married was a love for Jesus. And talking. And food. (Eating it, not cooking it.) AND THEY LOVED ME ANYWAY! 😉 It has been such a blessing to watch this young guy who used to only love Nascar, Furrs, and Walmart grow into a young man of God with many loves, including a huge heart for people.   It is crazy to me that he is graduating and is ready to be an ADULT in real life. I know that God has created him for such a great purpose and  I cannot wait to see how he walks out his faith in this incredible new season. Congratulations, brotha! WE LOVE YOU!


Luke_0001 Luke_0002 Luke_0005 Luke_0006 Luke_0007 Luke_0010 Luke_0013 Luke_0015 Luke_0019 Luke_0021 Luke_0023 Luke_0026 Luke_0027 Luke_0031 Luke_0034 Luke_0038 Luke_0039 Luke_0041 Luke_0043 Luke_0048 Luke_0053 Luke_0054 Luke_0057 Luke_0058 Luke_0062 Luke_0064 Luke_0071 Luke_0072 Luke_0080 Luke_0081 Luke_0084 Luke_0087 Luke_0094 Luke_0101 Luke_0103 Luke_0106 Luke_0109 Luke_0115 Luke_0123 Luke_0143 Luke_0146 Luke_0149 Luke_0153 Luke_0159 Luke_0165 Luke_0166 Luke_0169 Luke_0176


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